Hedge fund manager Paul Singer, a high level political donor from New York, who since 2009 has pumped a whopping $80,000 into Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s (VA-10) campaign accounts, has been linked through multiple news reports dating back to late last year to the phony ‘Russian Dossier.’ Through the Washington Free Beacon, a news site largely funded by Singer, Fusion GPS was paid to conduct an investigation into then candidate Trump, leading to the unverified document published by Buzzfeed, accusing Trump of deep ties to the Russian government, and even a disturbing sex act involving prostitutes in a Russian hotel room. Although the Free Beacon admits to hiring Fusion GPS to conduct research on Trump, they claim payments were stopped before the firm was retained by Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign. Regardless of if and when the Free Beacon’s funding of the investigation ceased, there is no denying that the Washington Free Beacon, and therefore Paul Singer, are directly linked to one of the most infamous pieces of fake news in American political history.

Singer’s financial support of Comstock should come as no surprise, as he has a long history of funding big government, global establishment causes. According to a 2013 Politico report titled ‘GOP Donor Supports Immigration Reform,’ Singer is not only a leading funder of several ‘rank-and-file members of Congress and the Senate,’ but made a six-figure donation to the National Immigration Forum, a pro amnesty lobbying group also funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. In addition to amnesty, Singer also heavily funded Common Core from 2009-2014, donating between $50,001-$100,000 each year to the Jeb Bush led Foundation for Excellence in Education, an issue that haunted the 2016 Presidential Campaign of Senator Marco Rubio, following Singer’s glowing endorsement of the candidate.

Through his influence at the Washington Free Beacon, Singer has tried his best to prop up Comstock’s political career, covering issues surrounding the Congresswoman much the way CNN has covered Hillary Clinton. Upon announcing his 2018 Congressional Campaign, Shak Hill, who is challenging Comstock for the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 10th District, was relentlessly attacked by the Free Beacon, as the website falsely accused his web team of bizarre and false content.

Listed below are Paul Singer’s donations to Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, in chronological order, courtesy of

9/21/2009: $10,000

10/31/2009: $15,000

7/11/2011: $25,000

4/23/2013: $20,000

10/31/2013: $10,000

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Frankie Stockes is a 25-year-old principled conservative from Culpeper, Virginia.