Entrepreneur Nicolas Kimaz has declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, currently represented by left wing Democrat Ted Deutch. Kimaz, a Lebanese immigrant and naturalized citizen both inspired and emboldened by the candidacy and election of President Donald J. Trump, says he will join the President in draining the swamp, and sees unseating fourth-term Congressman Ted Deutch as the perfect place to start.

Kimaz immigrated to the United States in 1978, and began directing and producing motion pictures in Hollywood. According to his website, he quickly became disenchanted with Hollywood culture after discovering naturopathy, and left the film industry to pursue a more gratifying life, becoming a renowned naturopath, master herbalist, business consultant, and life coach, while fulfilling a desire to heal and uplift his fellow man. It is this desire that has become the driving force behind his run for Congress. Kimaz believes his moral compass is pointing him towards ‘bringing back respect, principles, and values’ in service to the people of Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, things he says Congressman Deutch has failed to do.

Though not a politician by trade, Mr. Kimaz feels up to the task of representing the 22nd District with distinction. When reached for comment by Politics Elections, he made a point of citing the election of President Trump, a fellow businessman he says has ‘created a new standard’ in politics. ‘You don’t have to be a politician to serve your country’ Kimaz said. ‘I am so proud to be living the American dream, and I love this country so much. The enemy is on the move from within, and because of my background and experience I can see and detect the danger we are facing for generations to come. My life has been all about serving others, and now I am joining the President in Making America Great Again.’

A legal immigrant himself, Mr. Kimaz minces no words on the topic of illegal immigration, reinforcing his support for the President’s immigration policy, and standing in stark contrast to Congressman Deutch, a serial amnesty supporter. ‘We need to take a tough stand on illegal immigration’ said Kimaz. ‘This is a criminal act and these criminals should be aware of the consequences. We welcome people who respect our laws, but a wall is necessary to protect our sovereignty, and illegal aliens must be deported.’ 

The latest in a group of grassroots conservatives dubbed the ‘Trump Caucus’ by their supporters to enter the 2018 Elections, Mr. Kimaz dissatisfaction with the Washington establishment is echoed by citizens across the country. As Americans contempt for Congress continues to grow, everyday Americans like Mr. Kimaz stand a fighting chance at election to office, and career politicians like Ted Deutch become more endangered at the ballot box.


About the Author

Frankie Stockes is a 25-year-old principled conservative from Culpeper, Virginia.