Despite attacking Roy Moore in the Republican primary with over $30 million, the fact an establishment Republican Jeb Bush staffer leaked the oppo file on Roy Moore, the fact that an obviously fake yearbook signature was a major reason for Judge Moore’s drop in popularity, the fact that the NRSC never supported Roy Moore, and the fact that the RNC pulled all funding, Republicans actually condemned and attacked Roy Moore publicly, hoping he would lose.

With Judge Roy Moore falling short by around 21,000 votes, the Republican attacks could not be overcome, even in Alabama where President Trump won the state by 27.5% against Hillary Clinton.  President Trump, who endorsed Moore, was not able to overcome the onslaught of attacks from every side.

Below are the links to the attacks by Establishment Republicans and how to contact them should you wish to state your disgust.

  1. Mitt Romney, Former Governor of Massachusetts, Contact
  2. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin, Speaker of the House, Contact
  3. John Kasich, Ohio Governor, Contact
  4. Richard Shelby, Alabama Senator (Senior), Contact
  5. John Boozman, Arkansas Senator, Contact
  6. Bill Cassidy, Louisiana Senator, Contact
  7. Susan Collins, Maine Senator, Contact
  8. Bob Corker, Tennessee Senator, Contact
  9. Steve Daines, Montana Senator, Contact
  10. Jeff Flake, Arizona Senator, Contact
  11. Cory Gardner, Colorado Senator, National Republican Senate Committee, Contact
  12. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Senator, Contact
  13. Dean Heller, Nevada Senator, Contact
  14. John McCain, Arizona Senator, Contact
  15. Ben Sasse, Nebraska Senator, Contact
  16. Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania Senator, Contact
  17. Thad Cochran, Mississippi Senator, Contact
  18. Rob Portman, Ohio Senator, Contact
  19. Thom Tillis, North Carolina Senator, Contact
  20. Ed Gillespie, Virginia, Former RNC Chairman, Contact
  21. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader, Contact
  22. Barbara Comstock, Virginia Congresswoman, Contact

This is the beginning of a growing battle between Never Trump and establishment Republicans from mainly the Romney and Bush factions of the party, against Steve Bannon, President Trump, and the conservative grassroots.

Politics Elections asked an activist who was on the ground in Alabama what he thought about this development, he stated “We are taking down names and keeping track. Just like we used to say ‘Remember the Alamo’, I think you will start to hear the phrase ‘Remember Alabama’ during the 2018 cycle.”

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