Transgender ‘woman’ and Democratic candidate for State Delegate in Virginia’s 13th District, Danica Roem, is swooning over Barbara Comstock’s vote against barring transgender service members from receiving gender reassignment surgery at the expense of the taxpayer’s. In a recent Facebook post on her official campaign account, Roem praised Comstock’s vote, stating she had called her office demanding a ‘no’ vote, against the ‘cruel and hypocritical’ Harzler Amendment. In her statement, Roem admits Comstock’s vote ‘will hurt her with her own party more than it will help her with mine’ as she becomes the latest Democrat to praise Comstock’s drift towards the left.

Comstock has quickly become one the most liberal Republicans in Congress, and Democrats smell blood in the water. As conservative voters lose confidence in their representative, Democrats see an opportunity to flip the 10th District in 2018. As Comstock continues to hang her supporters out to dry, Democrats will continue to circle the wagons, offering praise and support they know will damage Comstock within her own party. With a left leaning Republican Congresswoman representing the party during 2018’s mid-term elections, Democrats see an opportunity to nominate a candidate from far outside the mainstream, counting on discouraged conservative voters sitting out the election, and their base turning out in force, to put a final dagger in Comstock’s short career.

In addition to receiving praise from Roem, Comstock was recently the subject of a letter to the editor of the Fairfax Times, praising her for voting alongside Northern Virginia’s Democratic Congressmen Connolly and Breyer, as they continue ‘working together toward something meaningful.’ By repeatedly joining a small group of left-leaning establishment Republicans and the entire Democratic Party, Comstock is clearly showing intent to obstruct the conservative agenda her constituents, and Americans as a whole voted for. It is this path of obstruction that is worrying Virginia’s conservatives. If Comstock can’t be counted on to keep her promises of conservative governance, then what was the purpose of electing her to Congress? If the Americans of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District supported the Democrats’ far-left agenda, they would have elected LuAnn Bennett.

About the Author

Frankie Stockes is a 25-year-old principled conservative from Culpeper, Virginia.